Lidia Georgieva (Bulgaria)

Lidia Georgieva (2)Lidia Georgieva, MD, PhD, Assoc. Professor, is a medical doctor working as Assoc. Professor in the Department of Social Medicine and Healthcare Management, Medical University, Sofia, as well as Adviser at the Ministry of Heath on International Affairs and Projects and Consultant on contracts with WHO, European Commission DG SANCO and European Observatory on Health Systems and Policy. Assoc. During the periods before Prof. Georgieva was a lecturer at the University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria and New Bulgarian University. She held the positions of head of the Health Risk Management Department in MARSH, Bulgaria, and senior advisor on health and human resources at MERCER EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia), director general of the direction “International Affairs and Protocol” at the Ministry of Health, head of the Department Preventive Medicine, in Medical University, Sofia.

Prof. Georgieva has more than 20 years of practice as a researcher and university lecturer (including teaching of nurses), combined with wide experience in coordinating international projects in the field of public health. Also she has significant experience in consulting various national and international institutions and was chair of the Steering Committee of OSI-ASPHER and, currently, is an honored board member of ASPHER. In addition Lidia Georgieva has more than 100 publications in international and national books and journals as well as participations in scientific conferences in the field of health policy, public health, health management, preventive medicine, epidemiology, and health promotion. Prof. Georgieva obtained her MD in Varna Medical University, Bulgaria, Master of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge, UK, and Doctor of Philosophy from the Open University, London, UK.


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